Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Land of Nod Goes to Camp

Ya'll know that this summer I've become obsessed with campy decor.   It transpired with my trip to Upstate New York's Lake Chateaugay.  In prep for my vacation, I showcased several fabulous camp designs, including Camp Wandawega (recall here).

So, imagine my delight when I picked up the recent Land of Nod catalog and noticed that much of their fall collection is centered around the camp theme--at Camp Wandawega, in fact. 

Holla, Land of Nod!  Great minds think alike and I like where your heading!  

So now the reveal.  Here's what I was so excited about. 

Land of Nod July 2012 Issue

Land of Nod Petite Chateau Duvet, page 26 of July 2012 Catalog

Love the setting of this photo shoot!  The old cabin with the floral Petite Chateau Duvet on the front porch.  It reminds me of a French country retreat. 

I love the fresh bedding they've featured in this collection.  Yes, Land of Nod is usually for kiddies, but I would feature any of these in my guest bedroom. 

1 Fade to Pink Duvet $159 or $189 | 2 Clothes Make the Kid Throw $99 | 3 In the Mix Bedding (duvet, sheets, shams, throw) | 4 In the Mix Duvet $89 and $119 depending on size

I am digging the "Clothes Make the Kid" throw.  It reminds me of a precious little kid's sweater and it would be adorable at the end of a bed.  (And BTW, I love the name for this throw...I'm not trying to start anything, but I guarantee that there are teachers out there that are nicer to the cuter kids and secretly not as nice to the kids that are 'under-privileged in cuteness'  Just sayin). 

Digging these accessories.  I can envision them in a bedroom as an additional decorative accent.  Character pieces, if you will.  Full disclosure, I actually purchased the red hand cut illustration of NYC (upper right). 

 I used to live in NYC.  I met my husband there when he was doing his medical internship. I worked in e-commerce and vowed I would never ever ever leave that city.  The CITY.  Then he had the nerve to relocate to Boston for his residency.  He also proposed to me...And, what's an engaged girl to do?  Stay in the city and maintain a cozy 300 square foot apartment in the West Village while continuing to work at my tech job while desperately seeking the occasional celeb spotting---HELLO Gwyneth Paltrow, I know where you live!  Why, I did what any honorable soon-to-be-bride would do, of course!  I dug my feet into the ground, stomped and pouted and reluctantly tried to hold onto everything that reminded me of NYC...including my NYC cell phone number.   (Hey, it's only been eight  ten years and it still serves as a tribute to my time in the city!)  And yes, I'm no idiot...I high-tailed it to Boston to join my best buddy. 

Now, I honor our fab single days in the city by obsessively purchasing anything that remotely reminds me of NYC (Remember the "drink NYC water" coasters?)

 Love this duvet.  It reminds me of the Dwell Studio collection.  And it comes in multiple different colors.  Also, adore those apple green chairs!

This bedding is called the Nod Conservatory Bedding but it reminds me an awful lot of the style of fabric I spotted on Spoonflower * this week by LFN Textiles (see here).  I wasn't able to confirm for sure, but they did design a print that was selected for major distribution through Crate and Barrel (Land of Nod's parent). 

 {*Yet another reason to scoop up some of the selections on Spoonflower.  Some of these designs go 'commercial' ya'll}. 


And what about these Not a Peep curtain panels in my son's bedroom?  

I had these suckers in my cart ready to order but then I chickened out.  Here's why:

1. I'm not sure the gray on the drapes will match the gray on the bed.

2. They were back ordered til August and I wanted more instant gratification than that.

3. The more I stared at them in my cart, the more they looked like stylish baby nursery curtains.  Uh, don't you dare repeat that to my six year old in case he ends up with these on his windows. 

4.  Eh, time does's been three days and I'm leaving these babies behind in the cart.  I want something with more of an oomph

Oh, and I know we're not talking about my house tour right now, but I'd like to acknowledge that I already know those yellow side tables are too feminine in this room and they're going to be relegated somewhere else.   (Know ya'll were glaring at them while politely not wanting to say anything about them being sort of out of place...kind of like when a friend has a pimple on her nose that is about to pop and you are trying to carry on a normal conversation with her without getting too distracted.  Wheeza, I know you'd flat out tell me "dude, you gotta pop that thing it's like a third eye")

On that note,  tune in tomorrow for a recap on my trip earlier this week to Lillian August in Norwalk!

It's been one campy summer at Vivid Hue Home! Check out some of the other nods to Camp here:

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cathywhatisoldisnew said...

Oh my, the new Land of Nod Catalog looks dreamy- I love camp decor-especially since I was a girl scout... forever! I am currently looking for a vintage buffalo check wool jacket for a winter prop for my hallway.I love the bedding and the throw. I agree it looks like a neat sweater.

Jessie said...

I love your picks, Heather especially the beautiful ruffles duvet. I wish I had a girl! Land of Nod has a lot of very cool stuffs, have you check out their newest lighting? They are fab, I tell ya!

Thanks for your lovely comments earlier, you are very sweet. :)

Have a good day!


Heather Moore Grahling | Vivid Hue Home said...

Hi Cathy and Jessie! Thanks for stopping in! Jessie, I love new the land of nod's so 'grown up' and modern. Love that rock lamp! happy wednesday

The Pink Pagoda said...

I haven't checked out Land of Nod in a while as my daughter is older, but I should! And as a former teacher, I hope I never let cuteness enter in! I do remember that being highly aware of your cuteness was not endearing! And NYC. It's my favorite place -- it must have been hard to leave!

Heather Moore Grahling | Vivid Hue Home said...

@Pink Pagoda...hahah, you know I never thought of it that way but I completely agree--when a kid is aware of their cuteness it's completely a turn off! LOL Thanks for the comments!

Anonymous said...

love the land of nod bedding and curtains - we also recently acquired that same NYC print. how funny!!!! love your blog honey child.

Heather Moore Grahling | Vivid Hue Home said...

Thanks "Anonymous"...aka Kurby! I loved the print so much, i got one for you guys! Sign your comments with your name, girlfriend! xoxo

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