Monday, July 30, 2012

Fingerpainting by Chuck Close

It's true, they say a fingerprint can tell a person's unique identity.  But what do you think about the idea of a finger print creating that identity?  Would you believe the below portraits were all created by fingerprints alone?  This is a 'painting' technique perfected by American artist Chuck Close

(All photos courtesy of DesignRulz)

This technique involves adjusting just the right amount of pigment on his finger tips to create the portrait.  It's not unusual for a portrait to take up to two years to complete.  They are time consuming and elaborate,  but I think you'll agree, the end result is just exquisite! 

More about Chuck Close here and thank you to DesignRulz for introducing this talented artist to me.   



The Pink Pagoda said...

Really amazing. I think I've seen his work, but never new the fingerprint part. Which is obviously the part to know. Thanks for sharing, Heather!

Anonymous said...

wow - that is amazing. the last guy looks like a serial killer. but the work is amazing.


Whoa....pretty incredible!