Monday, July 9, 2012

House Tour: My Study

Welcome to my study.  Actually, this is really my husband's hang out.  He retreats here to finish office notes, watch sports games, and escape from me and the kids when needed. 
{I don't mind, my retreat is in the sun room (visit here)}.   


My favorite piece in the study is this cabinet from Lillian August.  It reminds me of an old vintage cabinet that could be carried down to future generations.  The ebony finish is rubbed to show signs of faux wear and tear and the back of the book case is a light gray with simple looking pegs for the shelves.  I use it to showcase eclectic things that have meaning to us;  everything from our wedding photo box to EG's medical books to a photo of our son Jack with his grandpa, Jack. 


I wanted the feel of this room to be sort of like a gentleman's cigar lounge... meaning darker, lush colors. with hues of teal, olive, grass green, dark walnut.   

This Miles Redd room was the inspiration for the study.  I loved the dark blue lacquered walls and mix of greens and blues (with a pop of orange).  See more of Miles, here

The walls are painted in high gloss Benjamin Moore Pacific Ocean Blue (2055-20).  I wish they were even glossier but I think the painters were freaked out by the color as it was and didn't want to push the limit even more.  (Plus, I later learned that many of the super lacquered rooms are actually wallpaper). 

This plaid chair is my favorite!  The front is a lush olive green color and the back is a plaid.  I wanted something unexpected on the back.  (Custom from Lillian August). 

I found these leather Dunhill chairs and nesting tables at Crate and Barrel.  (The walls in this photo look very "blue"'s hard to get a good photo of their true darker teal color). 

The striped multi-colored carpet is from Crate and Barrel, too.  I was surprised to find something that encompassed all of the colors in one. 

The desk is Lillian August.  This has leather inlays on the top surface with solid wood details around the outsides.  The window treatments have ikat shades with deep walnut, teal and grass green colors.  The drapes are grass green linen (they appear lighter in the picture than they actually are).  I like the contrast the green is against the teal walls (Thank you to Holly Russo at Lillian August). 

 I'm always on the hunt to accessorize with more items but I want to take my time and find items that will compliment well with the decor. 

Thank you for touring the study.  If you'd like to visit the rest of the house, enter here


Reagan Geschardt said...

Oh I love it! Great color combo! I may have to copy or at least use those colors for a painting ! Happy Monday!!

Heather Moore Grahling | Vivid Hue Home said...

@Reagan, if you do a painting with these colors, I'd love to see it! Make sure you share it with me!

Elizabeth @ The Little Black Door said...

Loving the plaid!! What a great room.

LindsB said...

LOVE that color!! I was looking at it thinking it was the same color I painted behind my bookcases, but turns out its a few numbers off. I used 2058-30 Deep Ocean. But in photos it sure does look the same :)

Karen said...

I've been "touring" your home and I'm in big love with this room. I always love rooms that combine both masculine and feminine details.

Julie said...

Your study is gorgeous! Great job!
YOu can check out some pics of my study here: