Thursday, July 12, 2012

Peer Through the Window

Call me a nosey body at heart, but I love a good stroll through another person's home--with their knowledge, of course  In most cases.  (Oh come on, I don't mean you're going to find me over in my next door neighbor's shrubbery peering through their living room window--I only did that once, for the record--But, sometimes it's nice to be a voyeur from afar).  That's what the beloved decor mags are good for! Call me simple.  Call me shallow.  Heck, call me simply shallow.  But, it's so cool to see how other people live! 

Check out some of these celebrity homes
Candace Bushnell, of Sex in the City fame, in her NYC apartment.

Anna Sui
Courtney Cox in her Malibu Retreat
Supermodel Jessica Stam in her NYC townhouse
Keri Russell's Brooklyn townhouse
Nanette Lapore's West Village townhouse
Ralph Lauren's ranch in Colorado
Katie Holmes' New Chelsea, NYC apartment (courtesy of NY Daily News)
 (Photos courtesy of Elle Decor unless otherwise stated)

So, where can you find yourself cozying up with a cup of tea? 
You'll find me at Jessica Stam's luscious lavender-Moroccan-styled apartment.  (I want that door).  Then I may head over to Nanette's inviting living room (I've always seen that crystal ship chandelier but have rarely actually seen it in a room...I actually dig it here).  

But Mr. Lauren, oh Ralphy, what are we going to do in this room at your ranch?  This better be a media/movie room because, if it's anything else, it looks like a liquidation furniture sale on leather arm chairs (Hello?  Hub Furniture called...they want their chairs back). 

And really, my comments should lie with Katie--er, I mean, "Kate's" new apartment.  It's in a kick a$$ part of NYC (Chelsea), but if this is really the lavish decor in there, little Suri's going to have a hey day swinging from these gold gilded chandeliers.  I know you matured from age 26 to 86 when you married Tommy, but you don't have to decorate like you're a Golden Girl already!  (Sorry Blanche, honey, I didn't mean to offend you). 

Did you see Barbra Bush's NYC Townhouse?  Check here if you missed it! 

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Reagan Geschardt said...

I love it:) you are hilarious Heather and a brilliant writer! Love your blog:)

Heather Moore Grahling | Vivid Hue Home said...

@Reagan: Thanks so much for your wonderful comments (and for your continuous support!) I'm so glad we've connected in the blogosphere!