Monday, July 23, 2012

Spoonful of 'Spoonflower'

Branches on Lacy Beige Background by Katarina
(Courtesy of

Andrea Whalen

Courtesy of Robert at Design Lines

Surrealist Fruits by LFNTEXTILES

Bugge by Forest & Sea
(Courtesty of
Whole and Eaten Pears by Kconneen

Watercolor Blooms by Sberrens
(Courtesy of
Pomegrantes by Fatcheese
(Courtesy of

Andrea Whalen

Ever have a vision in your mind for the perfect fabric only you just can't find it?  Maybe you have wanted to experiment with turning your designs into textiles?  Introducing, Spoonflower. 

Spoonflower represents the largest online community of fabric designers in the world.  Based out of Durham, North Carolina, think etsy for textiles.  And the coolest part of it all?  You can design your own fabric or select from the thousands of already designed fabric for sale on the site.  There is no minimum requirement to purchase.  Above represents just a small number of fabrics that I immediately fell in love with.  I guarantee, once you eye this site, you will be eager to purchase all of your material from here.  (I'm always on the hunt for fabric that is different and that you don't feel like you'll see in everyone else's homes.  Guarantee, it's here! 

Some of the artists featured on the site have actually been selected by major distributors to produce their designs.  (See LFNTextiles above, this was reprinted by Crate and Barrel into oven mitts and dish towels).  How cool is that?

The site offers different contests weekly that members can enter.  Unfortunately, I'm not savvy with online design and it's been quite awhile since I've sat down with my watercolors in hand and tried to produce anything.  But this has me inspired to perhaps sit down and give it a go! 

You gotta check this out if you haven't heard anything about this.  But watch'll get sucked into perusing all of the different selections for hours! 


Linda {Calling it Home} said...

Every time I see a post on this site, I tell myself to remember to check it. I love all the ones you featured.

Unknown said...

I can't believe Spoonflower, it is the coolest concept. I want to try it sometime.

Jessie said...

I like spoonflower's website for a while. There are a lot of fabulous and unique fabric designs to choose from.

Anyway, to answer your questions regarding BuildASigh business cards... You can upload any images when you customize them. The card stock are not thick like some of the fancier calling cards but it is not too thin, either. I think the thickness is like any regular business cards. They did a great job printing my "revised" blog banner. I would say the colors match perfectly. The lighting in my photos didn't do them justice, I would say. In real life, the cards look nicer and the colors are more vibrant!

Hope I answer you questions!

Thanks for entering my giveaway. Don'r forget the additional entries to up your chances to win. Leave all comments in the blog's comment sections. :) Good luck!


Lisa @ Lisa Moves said...

I love spoonflower! They have a bunch of fabulous otomi knockoffs I've been wishing I had a place for:

There are some really fantastic patterns there.