Monday, February 20, 2012

Family "Joins" The Master

You may recall that I've been updating the master bedroom.  (You can check out the before and "in progress" pictures here).

This weekend, I finished my family silhouettes and added them to the master above the bed.   
I first taped the wall to ensure proper placement (and to limit the number of aimless nail holes it usually takes until I get it right). 

One by one, each member of our family joined the wall. 

I don't think I showed the fabulous steel blue
pagoda lamps in my last progress.  I love these guys. 

The yellow nightstands are temporary and will be replaced by these:

I think the marshmallow studly
dresser will allow the pagoda lamp to really pop! 

I also decided to put my Ribbon Louis XV chair upstairs in the room as a temporary placement until I find out if the gray fireside chairs will fit in there.  I fell in love with this Dransfield and Ross chair for it's color.  And you know by now, I love my color

This continues to be a work in progress.  I will be updating the accessories, adding pillows, updating the bedding and a throw.  All in due time. 

For now, my next DIY project is to reupholster a vanity stool to replace this $6 stool from Ikea that I've used for years!  Stay tuned for the updated stool!


Until next time.  xoxo


Anonymous said...

oh wow, the room is looking beautiful...but what about the bathroom! I've never seen that and it's gorgeous!

Anonymous said...

can you come over to my house to decorate for me?