Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Not So Mellow Yellow

I believe a room should exude personality.
Think of yellow and most envision sunshine and happiness.
Used just right in a room, it offers a fabulous pop of energy.
I have always loved introducing elements of the unexpected into a room. There's nothing better than a monochromatic room that offers a burst of color.

Mary McDonald

I love yellow so much that
I've used it throughout my own home for a little extra oomph. 

Dare to be bold!

A little goes a long way. 
Here are some ways you can introduce a
pop of not-so-mellow-yellow into your space!

Dwell Batavia Citrine Pillow
Layla Grayce $72

Lilly Pulizter Home Barstools 
Horchow $619-659

Six Yellow Vases at Horchow $246

Martini Side Table
West Elm $129

Worlds Away Wainright Yellow Lacquer Side Table
Layla Grayce %548

notNeutral Seasonal Hurricanes, set of 2
DesignPublic $28

I can't refer you to a place to purchase these lacquer yellow table lamps but I absolutely love the contrast between the jet black shades and the yellow. 

Enjoy experimenting with pops of color!
Send me pictures of the ways you have used pops of color in your own home and I may feature you in my future posts!


Anonymous said...

love these bursts of color, they make me happy. good blog

Anonymous said...

love your own living room. so pretty