Saturday, February 4, 2012

Memories of Marrakesh

If you ever have the opportunity to visit the Riad Enja in Marrakesh, Morocco you must jump at the chance! 

Riad Enja, Marrakesh Morocco
I was there in 2001 with two of my best NYC girlfriends.  We were spoiled with luxury.

Riad Enja Marrakesh, Morocco

Sitting area, Riad Enja Marrakesh, Morocco

I instantly fell in love with the lavish fabrics and decor.  For years I have had visions of returning to Marrakesh with the idea of finding those very textiles!

Guest suite Riad Enja Marrakesh, Morocco
There is just nothing quite so brilliant and breath taking (as far as textiles go).

Separately, over the last few years as my passion for design has grown, I have coveted Tricia Guild's fabrics for the same reasons.  Her Designer's Guild textiles are lucious. 

My aha moment came when I discovered recently that these two worlds are closer than I thought.  That superb riad in Marrakesh used Designer Guild fabrics.  It's no wonder the two have been near and dear to my heart for so long.  So no need to travel back to Marrakesh for the fabrics...but there are plenty of other reasons to go! 

Sophisticated elegance, vibrant silks

And the Tricia Guild books are the best coffee table books ever!  They're little pieces of art in themselves.  I highly recommend. 

See some other inspirations from Designer's Guild below.

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Kara said...

Let's go back to Morocco! I dream about that Riad. Let's hire a driver, though, and visit Fez too!