Friday, February 10, 2012

House Tour: Master Bedroom Before/After

I have been taking my time to decorate my master bedroom because I want to make sure it is designed exactly how I want.  For the last 8 months, with great anticipation,  I have been waiting on carefully selected furniture to arrive.  

Wait no moreA partial delivery arrived yesterday and I have some
before and "after" (in progress) pictures to share. 


This yellow nightstand was one of two that my sister and I scored at a vintage consignment shop in Connecticut.  We fell in love with the bold yellow lacquer finish.  These nightstands initially inspired the use of the yellow in my room. 

The first addition was the Marine Charing Cross Rug by Serena and Lily.  Love the color, love the pattern, love Serena and Lily. 

Furniture arrives...

Love the Worlds Away "Studly" dresser.  It has a mirror top and stud details on top of marshmallow colored lacquer drawers. 

I fell in love with this pattern from Highland Court.  It's Highland Court Confetti on Lee Industries X Benches. 

This pink bench is Designer's Guild with the Highland Court Confetti as a contrast welt.  I loved the idea of this piece when ordering but now am concerned with the scale in the room (I thought it would be half the width as it is). 

 Now trying to determine where else to place this in the room so it doesn't seem so over bearing.  Still love it!  Love the pop of color. 

Love this Christmas present from my sister... she knows my style because it's her style too!  The Jonathan Adler Antler Sculpture goes fabulously on top of my Tricia Guild coffee table books.   I still need to accessories and add character pieces to the room!  This is just the start.

What's to come...I had initially planned to add these Lee Industries fireside chairs by the fireplace.  The backs will be covered in the Highland Court confetti fabric (the same as the x benches).  I love the unexpected on the back!  But now I'm concerned with spacing and there's no way these guys will fit into the room without me knocking out the back wall and expanding the room by 10 feet...(ha)

These matching Worlds Away nightstand tables are going to replace the yellow ones that I have now.  I love those yellow ones...there new home will be in my son's room. 

I need to add accessories! 

Look out for my attempt to recreate Custera's silhouette portraits! 

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I must give a thank you to Lillian August who is the source of the furniture in this room.  The in-store designers there helped to create this vision, especially Holly Russo!

Update:  See how the silhouette's
turned out here

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Smooch said...

so creative. love the color combo. I'm planning on yellow and grey - was going for much more subdued tones, but now I may be inspired to amp it up.

Not sure what to do about the bench - love the color - can they just shrink it up a little?? ;)

PrincessPeach said...

What a great use of color and pattern. Very bold without being overwhelming. Beautiful!

Karen said...

Beautiful colors and love all the choices. Hope the bench can be reduced in size. Love the pink!!!

Monica said...

I want your confetti benches under my console table! They are so beautiful.

Anonymous said...

Love your MBR! What is fabulous fabric used for your drapery panels?

Heather Moore Grahling | Vivid Hue Home said...

@ Anonymous...the drapery fabric is Lee Industries Kiawah Pineapple

Thanks for the great compliment on the panels!