Tuesday, February 7, 2012

It Pays To Shop Around

Do you ever find something that you really, really want and it doesn't matter how much it costs?  You are determined to have it.  You muuust have it.  How can you possibly live without it? 

I'm with you.  That happened to me today. 
And yesterday.  And the day before. 

In fact it happens to me so frequently that if I actually purchased every "must have", I'd  be flat out broke!

I've learned that it pays to shop around. 

Case in point.  Check these out.  Great decor items...and their less expensive counter parts.  See if you can tell the difference!

The Eero Saarinen Table $1500-2000

The Ikea Docksta $179

Lilly Pulitzer Heiress Stool $850

White Elephant Garden Seat $199

West Elm Zig Zag Floor Pouf $249

Chevron Floor Pouf $110
Aletafae on etsy.com

Jonathan Adler Alphabet Pillow $110


Etsy $50

Anitanirma $29.50

 Barbara Cosgrove Jack Lamp $458
Cyan Design Chess Knight Lamp $200

Now, take all of that money you've saved and
Go buy yourself something fabulous!


Anonymous said...

I have always loved the ikea table for the same look as a saarinen. good suggestions.

Anonymous said...

Jonathon Adler rocks! I can't believe those other pillows aren't from him because they look identical.

Anonymous said...

thanx vivid hue! i can get 2 of those letter pillows for the same money it would take for one adler.

Anonymous said...

love this new blog! great job

Smooch said...

LON has some cute chevron floor poufs and a cool new set of vivid rugs.

Anonymous said...

Great finds!
That is why I shop at www.twentyone7.com.