Saturday, February 11, 2012

Valentine's Day Goodies

Each year for Valentine's day, I take a trip to Target with the kids to pick out cards for their classmates.  In years past we've had Olivia, Batman, Superheros, Hello Kitty...the premade Valentines are an easy solution.  Address the envelopes, tape a lollipop to the front and presto!  These little guys are done.   

This year I decided to try to be crafty.  I instilled help from the kiddies so they could be involved with the process.  First, we gathered the necessary supplies:

1. Clear treat bags from Michael's. 
2. Assorted card stock in postcard size. 

3.  I used an exacto knife to resize the card stock to fit the clear bags. I cut another strip of paper that would later "fold" over the top of the bags.

4.  Next, I had the kids stuff each slip of paper into the clear bags.   

5.  Baking!  Anyone that knows me can tell you that I'm not a I fudged this step by buying the premade sugar cookie roll.  The kids placed each ball of dough onto the cookie sheet.  

6.  Once baked, we frosted and decorated the cookies with sprinkles.  To help "set" the decorations, we placed the cookies into the freezer for the night.  

7.  The Assembly:  The kids put one cookie into each bag.  I then used one of the folded strips of paper to seal and staple the bag.  (If you know me by now, you know I love to mix patterns so I purposely selected a different patterned paper to top the bags). 

8.  My son's Kindergarten teacher asked that each kid label their own cards, so I had him hand write each classmate's name onto the top.  OK, so full disclosure: the top were done by him.  The bottom were written by me for my daughter's classmates. 

9.  I found these adorable personalized Valentines stickers on and ordered Darth Vader for my son; Ballerina's for my daughter.  We sealed each bag with a sticker so the kids will know who the Valentines are from.  (Check out belly tickles for options on custom stickers and stationery)!

And the end result...over 40 little handmade Valentines!

And a little dude excited to share his treats with his friends!

Happy Valentine's Day!  Have any ideas that you've made for Valentine's day this year!?  Please share them with me!


Anonymous said...

ok...i wish i had time for that! Love those cards

Kelly Hundhausen said...

That is fantastic! It's simple enough that the kids can help and your not in a panic. The end result is precious!

Karen said...

Great idea for any occasion---Halloween, Easter, birthday. Love it!!!

Anonymous said...

your the mom i love to hate in my kid's class! haha