Monday, February 13, 2012

Syroco Sensation

So, I have been fascinated with using pheasants as decor accessories lately.  (I love anything having to do with bird decor, though, the actual living, breathing and flying creatures freak me out).  In my search for this decor, I discovered Syroco...

The Syracuse Ornamental Company was developed in the 1880's by a man named Adolf Hostein.  He created a molding process that combined a wood compound and casting fluids that was poured into mold.  The end result created figurines that appeared to be hand carved.  In the 1930's, the company became "Syroco, Inc."...

I was able to find original Syroco pheasants on ebay.  I love these gold figures.  I think they shout Hollywood Regency at its finest.   I can picture Mary McDonald using them to adorn her foyer. 

I put my new additions in my foyer on a Hollywood Regency-esque dresser.  It's paired with a gold leaf table lamp.  The foyer chandelier has traces of gold leafing as well so the theme is continued above.

Katie Ridder has used bird motifs in her designs

Jonathan Adler uses a white version here on his side table:

And Barbara Cosgrove's version in her lamp:

Accessorizing should be all about having fun.  Don't be afraid to mix fun with serious.  These pheasants are a fun way to add character to a room! 


Anonymous said...

love adding layers of the unexpected. yet another great post on vivid hue.

Anonymous said...

love these birds