Friday, March 2, 2012

Escape to the other coast

Sometimes it takes a little outdoor inspiration to get energized about interior decoration. 

I'm an East Coast gal but, before kiddos, I used to escape with EG at least once a year to the other coast.  

Hermosa Beach, California

Last fall, we returned to our old stomping ground.
The kids enjoyed a 'staycation' in Connecticut with the grandparents and we headed here...

It's nice to reconnect with old roots

EG lived in a shoe box above this Green Store when he was going to school here. Each time we visit, we have to go into the Store and chat with the cashier that is still here from way back when (and I mean waaay back then). She acts like she remembers EG...but I'm sure she's just making idle chit chat
while he pays for his soda.

We walk to the end of the pier and watch the evening surfers. We head to the Poop Deck for cheap pitcher beer.

We try to act like we're still in our twenties...somehow the conversation always seems to circle back to the kids back home. We don't mind. Retelling stories of their antics have us in stitches.

West Hollywood
We're blessed. And relaxed. And ready to hit the rat race again. Until next time. 

Ah, the end to a particularly hectic work week...I need this!

The family is off to NYC for the weekend.  More decor next week!

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