Thursday, March 22, 2012

House Tour: Son's Room

Welcome to my son's room.  Jack is five (almost 6) and loves hockey, soccer! 

Do those yellow lacquer nightstands look familiar?  Remember them from here?  They're a bit feminine for a boy's room but I can't quite relegate them to the basement yet.  For now, they'll stay until I decide to upgrade

I love the masculinity of this plaid bed frame from Crate and Barrel.

Here's a picture of Jack with his sister, Vivi. 

This chair belonged to my father-in-law (Pops) when he was growing up.  It was given to us when my in laws downsized into an apartment in Boston.  I love it because I love mixing old with new.  The cushions have been reupholstered in a strong burlap fabric.  The robin was Jack's when he was a baby. 
Many of these photos were before we got drapes on the windows.  I've mixed in the drapery photos now (which make the room look much ignore the shots where the windows are bare in the background!)


I made this collage of artwork mostly from pictures from Home Goods.  The kids adore anything with dogs so I try to incorporate them into the motif whenever possible.  (This is the closest they'll get to the real thing).

(Photo before drapery was on window)

I covet unique lighting in the house.  I try to use different fixtures where ever possible.   This pendant lamp seemed masculine and modern
at the same time.

(Before Drapes on Windows)

This table lamp remains one of my favorite in our house because it has many memories with it.  Several birthday's ago, my husband, EG gave it to me for my birthday.  It's from Anthropologie and it was more than we could afford at the time.  I had ooo'd and ahhh'd over it for a long time but never in my life expected to ever own it. 


This sequined stripe pillow is a score from One King's Lane.  It pulls the colors of the room together.  It's also unique in a little boy's room, which I love (and he's too young to care).  


The carpet is a loop hole shagNeutral enough to withstand any transformation the room will take on over the years. 

And of course, Jack has peppered his own things into the decor:

Here, Yoda clock, a secret box he covered in ribbon
and a spaceship made from legos

The kids bring home so many art projects, I created an 'art board' where they
get to hang their favorite selections.  The rest are stored in a large container
 in our mudroom for safe keeping. 

This mirror is from Home Goods. 
I'd seen it previously on One King's Lane and then spotted it at Home Goods, too.   I know OKL is supposed to offer 50-70% off, and
often times it does...but this was one case where that was not true.  Don't quote me, but I think OKL offered it for close to $200 after discount. 
 I grabbed it at Home Goods for $99. 

These decorative number cards are from Anthropologie. 
I framed them in Ikea frames and painted the frame a putty color to match the decor.  I used these in Jack's nursery when he was a baby. 
They moved into his toddler stages and now that he's grown into a little dude, I should probably take them down...


There is a Jack and Jill bathroom that connects the two kids' rooms together.  I can't wait for the fights for that bathroom when they become teenagers.  For now, they tend to hang out in my bathroom for baths and teeth brushing...

This storage unit helps keep all toys nicely organized (and hidden!)  Each bin is organized by toy type (star wars figures,
trains and train tracks, building blocks).  

Full disclosure, there are other toys that have trickled into the
closet so we have another storage cabinet in there. 
My goal is to keep the toys fully accessible and ready for play,
but tucked away to limit the clutter

Corner view across room...

From hallway into room...
I just recently got the window treatments, which is why some of these photos HAVE the drapes, and some do not!!

I have chosen to decorate the kids room in non-traditional kid style. It's a more grown up look that they can grow in to. As they get older, I'm sure they'll express a desire to incorporate their own style more into the room.
Until that day comes, this is what they get.

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Elizabeth @ The Little Black Door said...

Love the plaid. And that it isn't a 'traditional' little boys room. And I'll take that sequence pillow when he's ready to get rid of it. :)