Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Meet: Michelle Armas

I had a design acquaintance take a look at my master bedroom recently.  As you know, I'm in the process of updating the decor and it's getting there but it's not yet entirely where I'd like it to be.  She made a few suggestions about how I could tweak a few of the items already in the room (like move some of the pink throw pillows from the bed over to the gray chairs and then add some colorful accessories to the marshmellow dresser).  Minor adjustments that give it a bit more zing.  She suggested I find a colorful piece of art to hang above the fireplace...she didn't have anything in mind but set me on my way to brainstorm.  As if it were meant to be, I discovered Michelle Armas the very same day.  Michelle seems to be on the cusp of getting big.  She's been an artist for years but was recently chosen for One King's Lane and Anthropologie!  Now I'm obsessed with getting one of her colorful pieces for above my fireplace in the bedroom

Check her out at Anthro and OKL and Michelle Armas website:

In client's room, courtesty

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