Sunday, March 25, 2012

House Tour: Playroom

The room is on the end of the house, above the garage.  Part of one wall
slopes on one side...  like an attic room.  Only it was supposed to be my daughter's room when we first moved into our house. 

She was two years old and insisted on transitioning from her crib into this toddler bed.  The very first night.    The problem is, she struggled to get to sleep in the new bed!    Out of desperation and many sleepless nights  weeks, we put her in our guest bedroom one night for her to try the queen sized bed. 

She's no fool...she never went back to the toddler bed.  
She still sleeps in the guest room. 

Sure, one day we'll move her back into this room...but for now,
we've turned it into a playroom!

These toile curtains were hand made by me.   Ha, I'm not bragging. They're temporary but do their duty by adding a little privacy and character to the room.    I didn't use a single thread in making these.    Iron on hem tape and safety pins. That's my style.

I folded the raw edges of the fabric over to create a clean line.  Then ironed the grosgrain ribbon on both sides-longer than the fabric itself so I could then fold the fabric and tie it up. It's not functional.  You can't move the curtains up and down but that was ok with me. 

I love this swivel chair from Maine Cottage.  It's apple green and pink.  

We used this in our nursery and now the kids use it as a reading chair.
The striped storage ottoman is from Target.  And you know I love to mix my patterns so of course I mixed stripes with floral.  

Santa brought this retro kitchen for Christmas.   This is what transformed the room into an official playroom.  The kids like to act like it's a 'school.'  We have the nap center.  The reading nook.  The play kitchen.  And an arts and craft area.  

To add a little flair to the room, I purchased these colorful prints.   They were inexpensive and will serve their purpose for a temporary time.   (Though it secretly bothers me how this one clashes with the retro pink kitchen set...shhhh). 

I added my own paint on top of the original canvas.  If you look closely, you can see my daughter's name ,'Vivi' recurring over and over in the pattern.

The table and chairs were once used as a crafts table.   Now it's the centerpiece for very fancy tea parties. 

If you look closely, you can see the 'Vivi' monkey and a 'Jack' monkey
I painted their names on here for fun.  I also added paint on top of this print so it would appear more home made. 

I added this Anthropologie carpet to the kitchen area so it would define the space as the 'kitchen.'   The poufs are super comfy, thanks to Serena and Lily

This needlepoint shade is from Anthropologie and I love the details

The kids helped paint this peg board to hang dress up costumes.  We hit Target the day after Halloween and bought a handful of costumes for 90% off.  There are no costumes hanging on the pegs right now.   I'm sure that means they're strewn in the bottom of the closet.

Even stuffed animals have a napping area...

I made a collage on one wall mixed with old family photos and bird photos.  These bird photos are from Pottery Barn Kids and made to look home made. 

I decided to make a few on my own to add to the crafts...

This print is my mom and Aunt Lorsie.  I love it.   (Read more about it here). 

The 'lego' station

Used to make houses and other masterpieces. 

In the future, I will transform her room into a more grown up girl room.  Katie Ridder's little girl's room is my inspiration.  In fact, I had the walls in the room painted the same color with the hopes of some day recreating this. 

And I love Lilly Pulitzer's furniture line. 
I have my eye on these pieces.  

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