Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Roots Keep You Grounded

I love mixing vintage family photos
with modern decor. The effect is quirky, nostalgic and fun.

I love purchasing artwork, too, but there's something special about using family photos around your home.
Roots remind you where you've come from.

Here are some family photos I've used in my own home:


This is my mamma (left) and Aunt Lorsie (right), sunbathing:

My Aunt Lorsie had Chanel-couture style and exuded great southern charm. People wanted to be around her
because she just made them smile.

My mama taught me to roll my hair with orange juice cans growing up to get a "natural" curl... This picture is hanging in my daughter's room and reminds me to keep a witty sense of humor.

This is Vivian Louise Norwood, my grandmother.

I never knew her but I know the 7 little ducklings she produced (including my mother).

She was a strong German woman. My mom remembers
baking cookies with her in the kitchen and she would say,

"We're making a memory."
Growing up, my mom said that to me.
Now, I say that to my kids.

I have all of these photos arranged in my
little girl, Vivi's room.
Just because a photo is old doesn't mean you have to treat it as such.  Here are two family photos I framed with fun modern matsThese are hanging in my guest room and are guaranteed conversation starters.   


Can you believe this is a legitimate family photo? 
I couldn't recreate this if I tried!  I want to go back in time to this day.  My Aunt Jan is dressed to the nines while side straddling a horse in her front yard on the farm. 
To this day, my Aunt Jan has unbeatable class.

This is my Uncle Ralph. He had a tour in Japan when he was in the military. I love this picture because, to me, it

looks like he's a movie star on a movie set.

This is in my son's room.  My kids at the pool when they were smaller. It doesn't quite count as a vintage photo--yet--but I love how Jack is sitting on Vivi and she seems to care less. It's fun and reminds me of their personalities.

And lastly, this is a sketch of my husband's childhood home in
Upstate New York. On etsy, there are artists that can do this from a photograph. My sister gave this to us as a gift one
Christmas and it is still one of the best gifts ever.
It reminds me of warm, cozy holidays.

My mom and her sisters are headed back 'home' this week.
They're going to visit their brother, my Uncle Bubby,
who is sick and has cancer.

It's so important to hold onto your roots.
To remember family and enjoy each moment.

Tell me how you've added nostalgia to your home!
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