Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Lonny, Deliciously Luscious

As usual, Lonny Magazine does not disappoint
The online mag is back with its March/April 2012 issue.

Here are some of my favorite snipets:

I love the tour of Amanda Nisbet's Upper East Side Design Office.  Gotta love the style and quirkiness of her designs.  Most of all, I am head over heels that she is a self taught designer that has 'made it.'  Just like Grace Bonney of Design Sponge. 

Hopefully just like me...someday. 

Did you catch David Parise's Barbie and Ken Photograph collection in the background?  Classic!  They're dressed in vintage 1960's clothing.  How fun!

Next, check this out.  Anna Burke is a designer herself.  Bought a pad in NYC's West Village with her sister.  It was a 'fixer upper' and that's just what she and her sister did.  They were on a budget and decorated on a dimeReminds me of my sister, Kurby, and me. 

Bob Collins & Sons wallpaper.  Love the pizazz this floral gives the room.  With a fun Andy Warhol print. 

Nice clean lines.  Love the Dwell Studio striped rug.

Anna and her sis made the cornices themselves with Ikea fabric.   This is such a simple trick and really spruces up a room. 

I've made window treatment out of Styrofoam, fabric and a staple gun in the past.  Hey, style
doesn't have to be costly.

The apartment has great Bohemian style.  Love the bathroom stripes and use of putty pink with
bold red and blue.  Very approachable.

Look at this nursery.  The family lives on 5th avenue and likes to mix elegance with studio 54-type decor

I absolutely love when the unexpected is used in a room. And who would expect a life size Russell Young print of Elizabeth Taylor in a baby nursery? That's why I love it. It's somewhat inappropriate (she's smoking a cig) and totally not babyish. I say, forget the baby blue and pastel pink. A nursery does not need to look like a baby's room. 

Loving Lonny! 

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Anonymous said...

love the pictures from the mag. thanks for reminding that it was out!