Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Fishs Eddy NYC Gem

Every time I go to NYC I have to stop by an old favorite,
Fishs Eddy at Broadway and 19th street. 
It's like browsing through
a 1950's five and dime for everything kitchen related.   It's filled with endless stacks of restaurant dishware-plates, bowls, platters, cups and saucers, creamers and gravy boats. You name it, it is there!

They have a delicious mix of unique odds and ends for dishware. An entire section is devoted to one of a kind cake plates.  They are beautiful and so vibrant. 
Individual pieces of artwork themselves! 

Any color of plate you can imagine.  I've often considered buying a place setting of plates, each in a different color.  

They have the best juice glasses

And since I am no longer a NYC resident, I look for ways to root myself back to the city. 

There are several NYC themed sets, including 'Drink NYC Tap Water.'  (It really is true that NYC water is renowned for its purity and taste!)

I love the idea of this Bridge and Tunnel line...used to discriminate identify between the people that actually live in Manhattan
and those that need to take a 'bridge or tunnel' to get there. 

Oh sure, it's not a necessarily nice expression but ask any honest NYC dweller and they'll admit to knowing probably using the term.  

For example, when out at a bar with friends, you look around and notice that the crowd is filled with girls that have way too much eye liner and last season's high waisted jeans, you might say to your friends "this place is
sooo bridge and tunnel tonight!*
* or 'B and T' for short

I love these little tchotchke's.  They're only 99 cents each and would be fun sitting on each place setting at a mix matched table. 

Here is my husband, EG, on the endless search for cookware grade plates that can be put into a 500 degree oven and then used to serve steaks on a hotter than hell 'warm' plate

(Forget the fact that we nearly singe a circular hole through each guest's spot at the table when we serve the steaks.  Even with three heat resistant place mats at each location). 

This trip, I tried to load up
on extra juice glasses,
more coasters,
and mis-matched plates
...but only walked out the door
with a vintage cherry table cloth that looks a lot like this one...

It will be fun to dress the table
with mason jars full of lemonade,
fresh poppies and blue plaid napkins. 

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