Monday, July 16, 2012

House Tour: Vivid Hue's Kitchen

It's true.  Have a party and prep the living room for all of the guests...and where does everyone still end up?  Yup, in the kitchen

When we built our house, an open floor plan between the kitchen and living rooms was a must.  I wanted each room to be an extension of the other.  (Plus, truth be told, I'm not much of a chef so on the rare occasion you find me in the kitchen, I don't want to further the torture by isolating myself from the entire family!)

Welcome to my kitchen. 


We're a family of four but I wanted a much larger table so that when friends or family were visiting, we'd all have a spot.  This industrial style bleached wood table was the perfect fit (Crate and Barrel).  It almost has a custom feel to it.  The edges are imperfect.  There are visible knots in the wood.  The kids can sit here while I'm prepping meals (yes, I'm good for a sloppy Joe or grilled cheese) and color or play.  The chairs are a wonderful french bistro style (Restoration Hardware).  Eventually, I may update the linen colored seat covers for something more exciting, but we still have little kiddos so for now, it's perfect to just throw these guys into the wash. 

Lighting selection became my "thing" when we were building the house.  The above Filament Chandelier from Restoration Hardware caught my eye because it seemed to adhere to the rustic aspects of the table.  Plus, it didn't interfere with the view from the kitchen into the living room. 


I wanted Cabrera marble counter tops in the entire kitchen.  My husband was worried about the upkeep of marble.  I got to get it on the island and, what do you know, the first week in our house, I stained it with a nice Cabernet Sauvignon circle.  (Don't you hate it when the hubby is right?)  But I still love the marble in the middle.  I wanted white counter tops against the walnut floors. 

Fabric: Thom Filicia Prospect | Shadow


Fabric Thom Filicia Prospect Shadow

Love these silhouettes of the kids that my sister, Kurby, got me for my birthday from etsy!

The french doors lead out to the patio.  I love the openness and light these doors provide.  I was hesitant to put any window treatment on the windows but it's literally a fish bowl at night.  I decided to do something different and hang the drapes across the entire length of the wall. 

Loved these pendant lights because they reminded me of navy captains lights. 

Being built..."before"

The island is my canvas for decorating for all holidays.  Here's an Easter tree in April...

Our mudroom is directly off of the kitchen.  (Can you believe this photo is from OCTOBER?  It's my son's fifth birthday and he is waiting for his party guests to arrive.  There was 3 feet of snow dumped onto the ground.  Thirty minutes after our 25 guests left the party, the electricity went out and stayed off for 8 days.  Gosh, there are a lot of numbers in this paragraph, but let's just say, it was a day to remember!)

From the kitchen/mudroom, there's a back staircase to upstairs.  I love this horse print because it reminds me of the Roberto Dutesco I would love to own!  The chandelier is rustic and reminds me of a tavern lantern. 

This window is in the staircase looking out onto the front yard.  Eventually I'll add a window seat with a cute patterned fabric. 

I want to paint this hallway with a contrasting striped and hang family photos down it.  I selected these drum shade lights because I wanted something different.  I thought they may be more unexpected.  (Yes, I know...this hallway is very boring right now!  Accessories to follow!!!!) 

These photos from Adobe Love are how I'd like to paint the hallway eventually.  Then I would create a photo gallery of my favorite family photos.  I haven't done this yet, but these are my inspiration photos! 
Courtesy of Abode Love

Courtesy of Abode Love

Thanks for touring!  Please let me know your thoughts!  And please check out the rest of the house here

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Reagan Geschardt said...

Heather, what a gorgeous house! I love the kitchen fabric (quadrille?) I of course LOVE the stripes in the hall! Well done.

Heather Moore Grahling | Vivid Hue Home said...

Reagan, thanks so much for your remarks. The fabric in the kitchen is Thom Filicia Prospect | Shadow (at Calico Corners). Also, I WISH those stripes in the hall were already on my walls. I neglected to mention in the original post that those were my INSPIRATION photos for what I'd like to have some day! (I went back and revised thanks to your comment), ha! Happy Monday!

Lisa Mende Design said...

Heather! I love your house! It's beautiful and you are doing such a great job decorating it! Love everything!
Ok, so I was trying to see the wine stain on the marble, where is it? Did you have it hidden with the accessories? I too love marble but not sure it would survive as we are big red wine drinkers too.

Heather Moore Grahling | Vivid Hue Home said...

Lisa, thank you so much! I should have explained...i was able to remove the red wine stain from the marble...but I used abrasive products in doing so (and now there is a scuff in the marble--an area that doesn't sheen like the rest of the counter---visible when you walk into the room but i usually try to hide it with accessories!)

The Pink Pagoda said...

Hi Heather, your house is gorgeous, I love the openness you've created! Thanks for sharing your beautiful photos! Happy Monday! Jennifer

Elizabeth @ The Little Black Door said...

OMG Heather, I'm loving your house! Off to look at more rooms now. And I think your hall is going to look fab with a gallery.

Jessie said...

Your home is beautiful. I love so many pieces in there. The dining chairs, dining table and all the light fixtures are fantastic!

Looking forward to see your future gallery wall in the hallway!



WOW.....gorgeous it all!

Lisa @ Shine Your Light said...

I want to live in your house. Would you mind? Just me and my family of 5, we could squish in. I LOVE it, all the choices you made for your kitchen are what I would choose if I could. The kitchen table area opening up to your patio table is beautiful and must be such a fabulous entertaining space!! I adore your white & black kitchen with the wood floors…….I'm weighing marble for our future kitchen renovation, but we love red sauce and red wine and I know it would get a "patina" on Day One. On the other hand if I only get the chance to do this kitchen once I don't know if I can live without marble :) Thanks for sharing your gorgeous home!

lauren said...

your home is gorgeous! love the kitchen. i'd love to know your experience with the crate and barrel table? it looks like the dakota. several reviews say it's hard to keep free of scratches and stains. i love the look of it, but am worried about up keep with 3 little girls. thank you!!!