Thursday, February 2, 2012

Massimo Vitali Impostors!

If not Massimo, then where do you go? 
I recently became obsessed with buying a Massimo Vitali print for my sunroom. 

I've literally been stalking One Kings Lane for their next Massimo Vitali feature and I think too many people are on to this good find.  As a result, OKL hasn't featured a Massimo Vitali sale since last year.  (Update here).  I thought i'd "scored" big when i finally tracked the real Massimo Vitali's down at  I proudly emailed the gallery for pricing on a handful of prints before Christmas thinking this would be the perfect gift!  I received a prompt email back from the gallery and had my Vitali visually hung on my wall before I noticed the price quoted back in the reply email.  "Your requested Massimo Vitali print is sold at our gallery for $38,500.00.  Please let me know if you'd like me to show you additional prints from this artist." 

Now I don't mind investing a bit of money into a picture that I love but the most I've ever dabbled in "fine art" has never come close to a house down payment.  So I set off to do a bit of investigation on my own. has "real" Massimo Vitali prints for sale RIGHT NOW for $1200-4000 (and up).  Here are a few if you'd like to grab them before the masses:

Also, if you're lucky enough to catch them on a OKL sale, then you could grab a real Massimo Vitali print for about $2000. 

If you're like me, I hate to spend the money on something if I know I can find a similar purchase for much less...and almost the same look.  (Now keep in mind, I would not turn away a real Massimo Vitali print if it was given to me someday, but until that day...I have found some good follow up options for much less).  So you can keep the down payment on your house...AND proudly display some art that is Vitali-esque

Here are some pretty good Massimo Vitali Impostors.  I think well worth the money. 

8x12 $35

8x10 $15

SevenElevenStudios 8x10 $25
minagraphy $155 30x30

Sasahgrubor 8x8-$10
other sizes available $70
19.5x 13.3 14x11 $40
24x16 $115

Enjoy your Massimo Vitali Cake...and have some left over to actually eat, too! 

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Anonymous said...

love this one about the vitali look alikes. you found some really good options -did you get any?

Anonymous said...

oh wow, i can't tell the difference between the $35 prints and the $3500 one! good investigating! i'm heading to etsy now.

PrincessPeach said...

I've never heard of Massimo Vitali, but now I'm a fan. I love how the prints look in the room photos. The colors are gorgeous.

Jenni said...


I realize this post is over a year old, but as the agent for a French photographer who is not only one of the most popular artists on 20x200 (of "ART FOR EVERYONE" fame), he is a successful international artist - whose work has been purchased by collectors who also own Vitali's work - with a Chronicle Books publication called, "TIME & TIDE"! Here is a link to his website:

AND - with regards to his prices, they range from $3200 - $20,000!

I hope this information will be helpful to you and your followers!

Kindest regards,
Jenni Holder

Jenni said...

Ooops, the link!

And here, too, where the book was featured in Lonny!