Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Massimo Vitali OKL!

I can hardly contain my excitement.
I now own a Massimo Vitali!

Here I was, sitting at my day job. 
Minding my business
Actually working. 

Suddenly I happened to
notice the daily One King's Lane email
sitting in my mailbox. 

Massimo Vitali Photographs... 

I have literally been tracking
the Massimo Vitali prints for
the last year!  I have
been stalking OKL since their last sale.

These prints retail for $5000 and up. 
The only way I would ever buy one is at this sale!!!
How could I have missed this!?

I am completely and utterly obsessed with
Massimo Vitali!  Proof here

By the time I jumped on the site
to carefully select my print,
most of them were already SOLD OUT
or in another member's cart.

I haphazardly grabbed what was left
for my basket. 

(Not to buy multiple, but to claim
them and then be able to decide the best). 

At one point I had 5 prints in my cart with a value well above $10,000--gulp. 

I frantically called
my husband into my office (we work together, remember). 

I told him the time is NOW
(He looked at me in confusion)

"Remember when I told you the next time these
Massimo's are available on OKL, I'm just
gonna have to grab one??!!! 

Well, that time is now!"

He uttered something that sounded
sort of like, "No way we're not buying that now."  

And at that moment, I risked everything and in my desperateness, replied:

"I'm sorry you feel that way, and
I'm sorry about this, but
I'm going have to buy one anyway.

Those familiar with OKL know your stuff only stays in the cart for ten minutes and you have to continually replenish your cart with more items to get the timer to restart.  I was determined to purchase the print no matter what the cost (my marriage. my pocketbook.)  Game on

I had butterflies in my tummy with excitement.  I know there is medication for people like me.  Who does this over a print!?

(Read about the Trina Turk incident here

Well, in the end, I managed to juggle the Massimo's in my cart for 30 minutes.  

Enough time for me to get my marriage back on track. 

Enough time for him to say "Yes" to the print. 
And enough time for me to envision
that Massimo on my sunroom here:

I am spoiled.  But I know it. 

Ironically, my post tomorrow discusses
how these sample sale sites have
lost their luster in my
mind...how I now really only see value in
the Tastemaker Tag Sales...

well crap, I may have to revise that one after today!

For those that have inquired about which print I got:
Here it is below.  

Bagni Lido Verticale

Click here to see what I love about Massimo


Anonymous said...

which one did you get! yah! I can't wait to see it in your sunroom. post pics!

Anonymous said...

I love this post. I can envision you putting them in your cart and hitting refresh!

Smooch said...

which one did you get?

Unknown said...

ahhhh! I love those photos, too! We are crazy like you, that's why we love you! Can't wait to see it in your space. Congratulations..We know how much this means to you.
xo Nancy