Tuesday, March 6, 2012

NYC Weekend, Kid Style

We went to NYC over the weekend
and treated the kids
to a Rangers vs. Bruins hockey game.

My son is one of the few suckers
in the stadium brave enough to
wear a Bruins jersey
in an otherwise sea of blue and red.

He lives and breaths everything hockey. 
He gets to see his favorite Bruins goalie, #30 Tim Thomas, in action. 

He bravely withstands jeers by friendly Rangers fans joking that the poor boy is 'mixed up.'  

After the game we head to an old West Village
favorite, Malatesta. My husband and I
loved this spot when we lived here.

You can buy a bottle of wine, appetizers, and entrees for two couples all for under $100 bucks. That's total. 
Not even per couple. 

Taglietelle au Ragu

Malatesta offers a taste of Italian authenticity

The type of place
were they don't bring your bill until
you request it.

Relax, enjoy the company you're with, & sip vino from
juice glasses. 
A local bistro still unscathed by tourism
The best kind.
Sure, I miss our single and childless adventures
in the city. But it's fun to go back with
the kiddos and make NYC memories with them, too. 

I always tell them they must live in the city at least once in their lives. 
And I really believe that. 

I think NYC teaches independence and provides a life lesson that can't be learned elsewhere. 

I tell Jack this in our hotel lobby Saturday. 
I finish my New York endorsement with,

'Trust me, Mommy knows
what she's talking about.' 

He replies playfully, 'You don't know everything.' 
Silly boy. I decide to play along. 
'Oh yes i do'...
He contemplates for a minute then
asks, 'OK, then who created God?'

ok kid. Let's head over to the bar for another Shirley Temple, extra cherries. Mamma needs a martini.
One difference about a city weekend
with the kids is that we're done with drinks, appetizers and dinner by 8pm
(Huh? *real* NYC'ers choose
to call this a 'late lunch').  

We head back to the room with the kids, rent a movie and watch it snuggled in one bed as a family. 

EG and I usually snake a $20 beer 
from the in room bar as a
'night cap' then drift off to sleep. 

Just as I'm caught up in my daydream about city living we pack up the car and head back to Connecticut
I'll keep it clean and omit the part about
stripping our son  Timmy Thomas, Jr.
down to his skivvies on the corner of 8th ave after he tosses his cookies in our car
before we even leave the city. 

Today I'm home with two sick kiddos- croup and a tummy bug.  But lots of new memories with the kids in the city.
Back to decor tomorrow!

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Anonymous said...

what a magical weekend. sounds like you had fun