Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Banana Leaf Beauty

Charlotte Olympia Mabel Print $1150
Photo from
Ever find a great pair of shoes and then construct an entire outfit around themI spotted these banana leaf pumps in April's Vanity Fair and immediately thought of the Beverly Hills Hotel. 

I have long been a fan of Hinson's Banana Leaf Wallcover. It's fabulous on the wall, so why not on your feet?  Catch these wonderful banana leaf displays...

April's House Beautiful displayed this lovely room designed by Steven Sclaroff

April House Beautiful, Steven Sclaroff Design

Even the Incochine in New York City has embraced the banana leaf. 

James Andrew at Indochine - photo Lars Stephan

Nate Berkus lives in style with the Hinson Martinique wall covering in his own home. 
Nate Berkus Home
Courtesy Elle Decor

A variation of the Hinson wall covering, Cole and Son offer the tropical wallpaper as shown in this design by Amber Interiors.  ( BTW, Amber's blog kicks some serious booty so you should check it out.  And no, I don't even know the gal.  I just know great when I spot it). 

Courtesy of Amber Interiors

Bethany Herwegh's house is scrumptious in the same Cole and Son covering {check out more of Bethany's rooms as reviewed on House of Turquoise}.

Bethany Herwegh's Room from Country Living
Courtesy of House of Turquoise

Feeling a little Golden Girls, yet?  You know I love their style! {proof here}

Maybe you're not feeling the banana leaf 'love' enough to adorn the Charlotte Olympia Lucite pumps, or venture out in head to toe leaf...

Courtesy of House of Holland Fashion Show

Then maybe, just maybe, you'll consider papering your bathroom with a branch or two.  I've got my eye on this for my bathroom.   Oh yes.  Vivid Hue Home loves color and pattern, remember? 

Courtesy of Apartment Therapy

PS:  A word from Vivid Hue Home:
Thank you to the Vivid Hue Home dedicated readers...our popularity has soared the last few weeks by wonderful enthusiasts such as yourselves.  We appreciate you telling your friends via word of mouth, pinterest and facebook.  This is truly been a wonderful whirl wind.  Many thanks. 

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