Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Lulu DK Child for Schumacher

Lulu deKwiatowski is known for her vibrant colors and gleeful patterns.  It's no wonder that her playful designs have transformed into a children's fabric collection.  Introducing, Lulu DK Child for Schumacher

This new collection offers everything stylish mommies will want in their baby's nursery.  Though the designs are fun and perfect for a baby's room, there's a sophistication about them that makes them not too "babyish."  (If that makes sense). 

 All too often, it's difficult to find a stylish pattern for a nursery that isn't typical baby pink and pale blue.   The Lulu DK child collection provides fun prints that could also be used in a non-childish way.  They're very translatable to any room or accessory in the house. 

For further look into the eight prints and seven embroideries that are available with the Lulu DK Child for Schumacher collection, look here

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