Monday, May 21, 2012

'Home Goods' Heaven

For those of you that know Vivid Hue Home by now, you know that we are HUGE lovers of One King's Lane.  Ok.  Huge may even be an understatement

There are many of these "exclusive", "by invitation only" online storefronts that have popped up over the last few years (read more here).  But, One King's Lane continues to be my go to.  I've found everything from Trina Turk Pillows, Massimo Vitali Artwork, Designer's Guild Accessories, and unique character accessories for any home
Trina Turk

Now here's where I'll contradict myself. 

As enamored as I am with the offerings from OKL, I have also discovered that it pays to know the value of what you're shopping for.   Many of the discount retailers purchase their goods from the same manufacturers.  So what you find on One King's Lane one day, may also appear on the shelves of Marshalls/Home Goods the next.  And they are often the same items.  At different price points.   (And I bet you've already guessed which store is more expensive...ahem...OKL). 

The turquoise table was featured on One King's Lane recently.  It's a World's Away Studly Dresser that retails at $340, on sale at OKL for $149.  Good deal.  (And LOVE the color). 

Here's a Moroccan Studly Table (not World's Away and not turquoise) but with the exact same features and brushed nail head details.  I saw this at Home Goods this week for $29.99.

Don't get me wrong, you will probably never find Trina Turk or Designer's Guild at Home Goods.  But some of the accessories with non-descript brands are undoubtedly found there.   Keep your eyes peeled next time you're browsing Home Goods and keep an open mind for what you might find. 

Here are the other great things I discovered on my recent trip to Home Goods: 

This high backed butterfly settee may seem over the top but I actually contemplated putting it in the corner of one of my guest bedrooms (paired with blue and white sear sucker stripes).  I love the butterfly pattern and can envision this accessorized with contrasting pillows.  (Remember the butterfly mania prediction?)  $499

This side console is very weathered and 'Old Worldly.'  Not the style of my own home, but I recognize a good accessory when I see one.  The same piece could be spotted in an antique shop.  And if you have a passion for Moroccan style decor, this would be an awesome accessory for only $499. 

This rug was super stylish in person.  Same Moroccan theme but with great teals, jute and turquoise shades and the quality of the rug itself was a durable loop hole (sometimes the rugs at Home Goods LOOK less expensive).  This 8X10 was $399 and would really make a statement in a room. 

I had this long farm-looking basket in my cart and ready to purchase for $59!  I fell in love with the length and the rustic red that looks like it was painted decades ago and then forgotten about in your Grandpa's shed I could envision this on my long kitchen table (see below)...just a subtle accent of red to match the burgundy ottoman in the living room.    Hmmm.  now I'm wondering why I put the thing backExcept, in full disclosure, these feelings of "must have" happen quite frequently and I would become a hoarder if I purchased everything I fell in love with! 

This orange lacquer Chinoiserie box had my name on it too.  Wouldn't it be cute on a dresser in a guest bedroom as a pop of color?  Only $14.99

There is nothing better than real flowers in the house.  But I must admit, they make some decent fakes these days and these faux cacti caught my eye because they looked so real.  I would set them outside on my patio table and not have to worry about the heat getting to them all summer long.  And at $11.99, it's worth it not to have to worry about keeping another thing alive (I already have to remember to feed and bathe the kids, yah know! <<sarcasm of course!!!!>>)

And lastly, I hate clutter that is out in the open for guests to view.  So what do I do?  I stick all of my clutter in organization boxes like these.  Sure, the inside looks like the worst kind of junk drawer.  But that's why these beauties come with lids!  Hey, no one should see your dirty laundry.  These started as low as $11.99.  Imagine how perky they'd be in a laundry room, a kids room or even out in the open! 

This was a fun trip for me.  And my husband loved it because (for once) I walked away without actually making a single purchase (in this store anyway!)

The lesson learned is not to undermine the possibilities for home decor in your local Marshalls, Home Goods, Target or TJ Maxx.  These stores are getting serious about competing affordably in a 'discount-saavy' market and the quality of their offerings has become very competitive.  Save One King's Lane for your higher-end designer brand purchases! 


Robyn said...

I love the butterfly sofa you found there. What Home Goods did you go to? I never seem to find this stuff at my location. maybe it's b/c I don't know what i'm looking for. can you come with me sometime?

Anonymous said...

oooohhhh, i gotta get that orange lacquer jewelry box!

C.A. @ How To Be A Heroine said...

Take me with you next time! ;) Great finds!!! Last couple of times I've tried to look around HomeGoods I've been trying to balance a hot coffee and keep both little ones from wreaking havoc, so I haven't gotten a really good look. I'm inspired to go again maybe when the husband can look after them. :)

Vivid Hue Home said...

@ C.A.@How To Be A Heroine--
Aren't those trips with the kiddos the best <>! I was lucky on this day to be sans kids so I had some time to browse.