Monday, May 7, 2012

Master Bedroom Update

The effort to accessorize my master bedroom continues.  I've previously reported posts on this endeavor (more here).  Now, additional furniture items are in place, including the bedside tables, the x bench ottomans and the fireside chairs.  The bed linens are still a work in progress so don't scrutinize too closely.   (I must update immediately that this headboard has been replaced with the Serena and Lily Pondicherry Headboard.  I have to post an updated photo!!!) 

The bedside tables are Worlds Away studly nightstands in marshmallow.  I love the mirrored tops (as long as the kiddos keep their little fingers from the surface).  The lamps are Worlds Away Powder Blue Pagoda.  The pagoda style is one of my favorites and the soft powder blue brings a nice mellow balance.  My hope is to carry the powder blue color into the duvet piping (picture a white hotel style duvet with powder blue piping ala Serena and Lily). 

I covet a bed with a thousand pillows.  Most of these pillows are place holders, left over from my previous decor, but I plan to refurbish these depending on the duvet. 

There are two fireside chairs with grey velvet fronts.  I love small subtleties in design so I chose a contrasting fabric for the back. 

Each chair has highland court confetti backings (the same fabric as the x bench ottomans).  It's not noticeable unless you walk to the back of the chairs.  I didn't want it to be too "in your face" (there's enough of that in the room, ha!)  The only visible details from the front is the lemon colored contrast welt that frames the chairs. 

Yes, silhouettes are still on the wall.  If I discover a better piece of art work, these may be relegated to a corner hallway or guest bedroom.  For now, this is their home. 

I added these fuchsia faux tulips on the dresser for a pop of color.  The fuchsia pillows on the fireside chairs create a "triangle" of pink.  It's meant to carve a pattern for the eye.  And I have these cool Marrakesh pillows on their way...

You may recall the pink day bed that was originally placed at the foot of the bed...This was entirely too large in scale.  In fact, it was more like the size of a twin bed and it buried the room.  We were able to negotiate a return with Lillian August (thank goodness). 

Original placement of the pink bench

The x benches were originally over by the Worlds Away Studly Dresser.  They didn't serve much of a purpose over there other than adding an additional pop of color (as if the room needed it)

Now, the Lee Industries X Ottoman benches are at the base of the bed.  They're a much better scale for the room.  And though my family misses lounging on the daybed, I continue to try to convince them that fabulous decor is not about comfort, but appearance (OK, just kidding about that.  Mostly). 

And besides, they can still use the benches as a place to reside...

The fireplace is still lonely and needs some attention. 

We've got this fabulous Michelle Armas on the way.  (Remember her from my previous post here).    If you've got a space that needs some color, you should check her out.  She now offers posters of her prints for a very reasonable price and it may give you just the oomph you need for your room.  Of course, originals are available online as well!  Everything for all budgets

I'm now on the hunt for a duvet that will compliment the room yet provide a neutral presence in the otherwise sea of vivid hues...(think crisp white with very fine details). 

Some considerations:  John Robshaw, or Serena and Lily

Here are some before and after photos of the master bedroom
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Carol V said...

love to see the updates in your room. can you come to my house!

Holly Russo said...

Heather, everything came out GREAT! You did a great job with the accessories. Too bad the daybed was too big. It would have been Perfect in a smaller scale. Love the blog!!!

Elizabeth @ The Little Black Door said...

Love (again) all the fabric you select! Those x stools are fab!

Unknown said...

Fabulous room. Love the vibrant colors and especially the occasional chair with the different fabric. You have a great eye for design.
Thanks for sharing