Thursday, May 10, 2012

Roberta Roller Rabbit

A dear friend of mine from high school recently emailed me to make sure I'd heard about Roberta Roller Rabbit.   She knows my love lust for color and thought I'd appreciate the vibrant colors and patterns (and girl, she was right). 
Roberta Roller Rabbit is a whimsy of fun.  She makes me wanna eat my dessert before dinner.  Splash in a mud puddle in my new shoes. 

A woman after my own heart, Roberta Freymann believes that "every color goes with everything. "  She started her boutiques in the Upper East Side in NYC as her namesake. 


Her vision was to offer unique finds from her travels all around the globe.  She recognized that there was no other boutique that was offering quite the same variety.  Her stores quickly grew by word of mouth and expanded to the East Hampton's.  In 2006 she opened her first Roberta Roller Rabbit store on Lexington Ave and 73rd. 

 She created the name, Roberta Roller Rabbit, after finding the phrase on a remnant of fabric while travelling in India.  She decided it would represent a character's name in a whimsical fable she made up.  Freyman describes her Beatrix Potter-esque character as "a rabbit in roller boots who goes to the roller disco. Originally, it was going to be a store for kids."  (Roberta Freyman, House Beautiful 2012)

  Well, Roberta Roller Rabbit now represents everything from a fabulous resort-style wear for kids and women (think Hampton's beach cover ups) to home accessories that include duvets, coverlets, placemats, napkins, sheets and more! 

 Her designs include a collection of hand block printed fabrics, a craft perfected over hundred of years by artisans in India. It is a technique used by many fabulous designers (Serena and Lily, John Robshaw among my favorites). The appearance creates an ultra chic bohemian feel. Very inviting and unique.  

Like Audrey Hepburn said, if you obey all the rules, you miss all the fun!
 Roberta Freyman gets it. And I love her.

And thank you to "Yours in Beige" for the Roberta Roller Rabbit introduction!



Stephanie said...

The tunics are awesome for the swimming pool or beach. They are so much fun.

Anonymous said...

love those vibrants colors and mixes of pattern. gotta gem me some roberta.

Holly L said...

Oh I LOVE this store! I go to the NYC store all the time and fall in love with something each time i go.

Bethany [at] Powell Brower Home said...

i love that you said it makes you wanna eat dessert first - TOO CUTE and SO TRUE!!!