Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Painted Floors: Rugs Need Not Apply

An area rug can be the perfect accessory to a room. It's like the "dot on the i" in a signature--the finishing touch. But let's think outside of the box and consider alternate options. 

Have you ever considered painting a pattern onto your hardwood floor? I am absolutely fascinated by this and would love to use this in my own house decor. But the truth of the matter is, my hardwoods are only a few years old. Mere babies. And I'm not about to dollop paint on top of them.    Yet.
So for now, we'll admire these breath-taking designs. Rugs need not apply...

Courtesy of Foo Dog Ate My Homework


via Kate Spade Designs (Kerry Joyce)

Have fun with tile too...this chevron pattern is created by colored tile in the bathroom.  Fabulous and worthy of it's own call out! 

Pssst, ever considered painting your ceiling?  Check the idea out here...

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Anonymous said...

dying over the kate spade stairs. wouldn't that be cool in a real home!???