Friday, May 4, 2012

What I Love About Massimo Vitali

For those of you that know me, you know I have an insatiable fascination with Massimo Vitali.  I wanted to disect in closer detail why I'm obsessed with each lovely photograph. 

Here's the overview of the photograph.  In grand scale, it's a typical scene of sunbathers off the coast of Italy in the late 60's.

(Bagni Lido Verticale)

But look closely at each character in the portrait and that's where the true satisfaction lies.  Look at this woman.  Full face of make-up.  In her bikini.  Lounging along the coast of Italy.  Earrings.  Fully accessorized.  I love her

This woman has unassumingly decided to go for a dip.  Little does she know that this effort to cool down will be captured in time for years to come. 

The woman in the upper right hand corner may be getting some sunscreen as she and her husband (in the tight speedos) decide to go for a swim.  Meanwhile, the foursome in the front is discussing what type of bourdeaux they will have with dinner tonight. 

A naked toddler is hugging his mommy as the teenage child wonders what's for lunch.  Nobody has enough sunscreen protecion.

The man in the very front left corner does the daily crossword puzzle.  His wife stands behind him considering going for a swim.  The man in the white swim trunks in the upper right corner tried to wax his back...but opted out from doing the entire radius.  He wanted a midnight shadow to still appear from the baseline of his swim suit. 

Is there any question why I love the Massimo Vitali prints?  They're fantastic character pieces.  Captured with real life families in real life settings.  Love them.  Fascinated by them. 


Anonymous said...

I love these two. Can't wait to see a post of this one in your home.

Ney said...

Such beautiful observations! Now I`m a fan too!