Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Vivid Hue meets Parker Kennedy!

Where in the world has this month gone?  Earlier this month, I went to visit my sister Kurby in Atlanta and welcome my precious new little nephew into this world.   I came back from my five days in Atlanta with bunches of things to chat about and, before I could do that, my family jumped on a plane that very next weekend for another excursion. 

I've been playing catch up ever since!  And I haven't had a chance to share one of the best parts of my Atlanta trip.  (Aside from meeting my awesome nephew Townes, and spending time with my other adorable nephew Jude, and catching up with my sister and B-I-L). 

There was cool design-related stuff that we managed to fit into the mix during my visit too...

1.  I went to Scott's Antique Market for the first time ever.

2. I got to meet Lance and David of Parker Kennedy!

3. I also got to meet one of my blogger buddy soul mates, Dorothy Burke while at Scott's! 

4.  Did I mention that I met Lance and David in real live person??  (Promise, I'm not a stalker, ya'll).  PS- Unfortunately, David isn't pictured here. 

and Here's PROOF
Pictured My sister "kurby" (Brett), Dorothy Burke, Me, and Lance of Parker Kennedy

ok...everyone probably wonders what in the hay is the big deal about this.  But let me tell you that I absolutely adore everything about Parker Kennedy and if you read my blog, this should be very apparent.    Here was my first introduction to Parker Kennedy on Vivid Hue Home. 

(For those that need to be brought up to speed...take a minute out from reading to check this out:  You can see a snapshot of the fabulous finds they offer here.   And then if you missed their room in the Atlanta tour of homes, visit here . 

I was over the moon when I learned I would be visiting Atlanta during the exact same weekend as Scott's Antiques.  And even MORE thrilled when I found out that Dorothy Burke* would be manning the Parker Kennedy booth.  And then it was icing on the cake when I learned that Lance and David themselves were there too.  (*Dorothy is from the same part of Connecticut where I currently live and we have recently become friends when she befriended me via my blog over a post I wrote about the Parker Kennedy show house.  What a stitch.  So cool when you make awesome connections via the blogging world).

Take a peak at some of the kick arse stuff  Parker Kennedy had on hand the day I visited (be sure to read the very bottom  of this post for some secrets): 

  Lance and David were busy bees when I was there.  They were almost completely cleared out of inventory from selling so much and Lance had found some super cool finds at the market that day that he was having carried over to the booth.  These gentlemen are truly talented at selecting items with panache!  And it seems they will be needing to stock up on their inventory, because in the near future, they will be featured as Tastemakers on One Kings Lane!  Date is yet to be determined, but be on the look out for Parker Kennedy in the near future!  (Believe me, I will shout it from the roof tops!) 

And lastly, I knew there was a reason I fell in love with these fellas from the moment I laid eyes on their style.  I was leafing through photos for this post and recognized that I share their love of Palm Beach/ Hollywood Regency.  (Not like that just dawned on me).  But check out my master bedroom nightstand on the left.  And then the Parker Kennedy Scott's booth on the right.  We've both got the Pagoda Lamps and Lacquered Boxes and Yellow accents and vibrant color.  Ahh, yes, soul mates

PS- That small oil painting hanging in the back behind my blue lamp was a score from Scott's that day!

For more information on Parker Kennedy, please visit their facebook page here.  They are growing so fast ya'll, they are in the process of updating their website right now so it will be super chic and wonderful for us.   These are the most down to earth gentlemen you will meet. 

In Atlanta:
1. Parker Kennedy is a at Scott's in the South Building, Isle I-7
2. Visit their retail and designer showroom at 1227 Logan Circle (By Appt: (404) 431-8632)

They have multiple warehouses and locations. 

For those of you in North Carolina, you are in luck! 
3. Visit Cotswold Market Place (See Cotswold Facebook Page here).   
4. Visit Slate Interiors (Visit Slate facebook page here)

5.  Look for them as Tastemakers on One Kings Lane
6. Visit them at High Point Market (They accessorized the CR Laine  Showroom in the Fall 2012) 

Photo: Vintage bamboo dining chairs just in  at Parker Kennedy Living Atlanta

(pps) Dorothy, it was sooo great to meet you in person that day!  I just booked my resie for the Design Bloggers 2014 conference in ATL so see ya next March if not sooner. 

xoxoxo Heather | Vivid Hue Home


Karena said...

Heather how thrilling, I see soooo many things I love!!

Art by Karena

Julie Taylor and Danni Greenwalt said...

I want to go there so bad...I wish I lived closer...so many great things and the prices are incredible!

Unknown said...

Lucky you!!! What a fun trip. Im dying to go to Scott's and Im a big fan of PK too. So great to meet blogging buddies, and you are Kurbs are adorable!!!
xo nancy

Elizabeth @ The Little Black Door said...

I got to go to Scott's on my way back from FL last year and I've been dreaming about it ever since. Can't wait to go back!!! Almost makes me want to move to ATL! :)

Patty Day @Pattys Epiphanies said...

Wow, sounds like you hit 100! What fun!
I will watch for the Parker Kennedy sale One Kings Lane sale.
I went "back" and read your post about the PK company and how clever the name was conceived.
I know the "thrill" of meeting someone you have admired for a long time...it's great when they turn out to be even BETTER than you ever dreamed!

Andrea said...

This is sooooo my kind of store!! I would have sworn I was in Palm Beach... then I read in your first post that they keep warehouses there to store their Palm Beach treasures!! Hopefully I can attend the Design Bloggers conference in Atlanta next year, and we can make a field trip to Parker Kennedy! :)

The Glam Pad


Heather...so sorry I missed your visit to Scott's....isn't it fabulous and I love Parker Kennedy. I was delighted to meet them when I did the show house. Love DB too....she is so sweet.