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Goals: VHH Kitchen Renovation

(Note: this post originally launched on May 18, 2019.  Due to some changes In our blog back end, we are reposting it again).  

I had a few goals when I started to plan my kitchen renovation.  In the beginning I didn't really sit down and make a nice cohesive list like you'll find below.  There were some obvious changes I wanted to make but others evolved as I met with my contractor and perused photos on pinterest that inspired me.  In my experience, it's always best to find a handful of inspirational photos and be able to identify the elements you like from each design.  For example, one photo may show the cabinet color I love but not the hardware.  Together, the photos create the full picture.  I referred back to these photos during my selection process.  It can be overwhelming when you're In a designer showroom with all sorts of decisions In front of you.  If you go into the process with some idea of your likes and dislikes, you'll be able to drive more of your remodeling process.

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My Kitchen Renovation Goals:    

1. Replace white cabinets with a light colored cabinet (like gray or beige).

2. Replace black granite counter tops with white counter top (material to be determined)
Vivid Hue Home Inspiration Photo
3. Create the illusion of a more open space without changing the physical square footage of the current kitchen.  (Considerations included relocating appliances and removing the pantry closet to create more width In the space).  

4. Replace nickel hardware with brushed brass. 

5. Integrate a fun splash of color on the island base, for example Blue Muscari.   

Courtesy of Michele Morgan Interiors

6. Find a neutral back splash with an interesting geometric shape.  Something that provides pattern without introducing additional color.  

As we move forward, I'll begin to share the color selections and decisions I made during the design phase of my kitchen renovation.  Please continue to check In for regular updates!

Do you have a specific design element you are obsessed with for a kitchen?  Please share!  

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