Friday, June 11, 2021

Closet Makeover Final Reveal

 Thank you for following the process of me organizing and styling my closet.  I have been so happy with the results that I actually keep my closet doors open now and the closet space has quite literally become an extension of my bedroom.  I'm so happy that I decided to I ignore my thoughts about how my colorful changes may impact the resale value of my house (if and when I decide to sell).  I mean, come on, I have a Kelly Green wallpapered mudroom, a turquoise sunroom  and a teal study.  Here are some snapshots of rooms around my house.  As I've resurrected this blog, I realize that the previous posts about my house are pretty outdated, so stay tuned for future shares of rooms In my house.  

Let's digress for a quick minute: 
Here is a view into my sunroom.  The walls are turquoise, even on the ceiling.  There are 3 walls of windows and lots of colorful pillows.  This is my happy space.  This photo was from a Jayes Studio Photo Shoot at my home, aren't these Bowl's fabulous?  They are by Danika Herrick as part of her collaboration with Jaye's studio, and yes!, I sell them at Vivid Hue Home here.  

Vivid Hue Home Sunroom, Photo Credit: @mindfulmotionphoto

This is Smidge's room.  She's 12, almost 13 and this is probably the most picked up it's ever been.  

Vivid Hue Home House Tour, Smidge's Room 

Another view of my sunroom.  This grosgrain ribbon chair is my absolute favorite.  It's the Louis XV Chair by Dransfield and Ross.  They no longer make it but I am glad I found one when it was still available and I will always treasure it. 

Vivid Hue Home Sunroom 

Vivid Hue Home Guest Bedroom: Styling by Vivid Hue Home, Photo by Mindfulmotionphoto

Vivid Hue Home Living Room 

Vivid Hue Home Study, Styling by Vivid Hue Home during Jayes Studio Photo Shoot, photography by Mindful Motion Photo

Now back to the original purpose of this post!  This is supposed to be the final closet reveal!  We last left off with me purging the excess out of my closet and then adding pink peach paint to my closet.   Now let's move on to see the final results!  

Recall. BEFORE


Left side of the closet BEFORE

and AFTER 

Before view of the dresser cubby areas.  


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