Thursday, June 3, 2021

Kitchen Renovation: Progress from the Week

The Kitchen remodel is well underway.  Last week, we started off strongly with a complete demolition of everything in the kitchen.  Now, they are diligently working behind the scenes with changes such as electrical rewiring, plumbing adjustments and inspection approvals. 

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There aren't as many dramatic photos to share during this phase so I thought I'd take you down a stroll of what's happened so far. 

The project started last week with me frantically removing all aspects of the kitchen from all counters, shelves and drawers.  This was a good opportunity to purge many things we no longer needed but, gosh, there were things that literally seemed to come out of the woodwork.   Mission accomplished. 

Now, the reality is that all of the junk that was In my cabinets had to go *somewhere* and while I tried to throw as much away (or donate) where possible, there were still piles and piles of things that got relocated to my dining room and mudroom. 

I'm using a Connecticut team from Showcase Kitchens and they have been an absolute pleasure to work with.  Very professional and very buttoned up.  On day one, I left my kitchen looking like this: 

And returned with all cabinets and appliances (except fridge) completely extracted from the kitchen. 

 Shortly thereafter, the food pantry closet disappeared and I was more than happy to see this.  I'm not really sure why this closet bothered me so much but In the weeks leading up to this project, I could no longer look at it without cringing, ha!  It's likely due to the fact that the door stopper at the top of the pantry came off so the doors would push inside the pantry way past the door well.  It was a constant reminder of the ways the kitchen was falling apart. 

By week's end, the marble slab on the island was to get cut and resized for my mudroom counter.   (Currently the mudroom has black granite and it's always bothered me because it doesn't match the Meg Braff kelly green wallpaper installed there).  

Next, the entire walnut kitchen island was removed (it will be replaced with the navy blue island).  And the silver pendant lights were taken down (stay tuned for what I have In store for lighting).  

The rest of this week will be mostly uneventful for photos.  The crew is working around the clock with plumbing and structural adjustments.  The inspectors will need to come approve the work completed to date.  I'm hopeful that by next week, the beginning parts of the cabinets will start to come back into the kitchen.  (And always, I'll continue to post snippets In real time on instagram stories, so make sure to follow here).  


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