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When I designed my kitchen ten years ago I thought for certain it would stand the test of time.

I do believe that it has held up design-wise but, functionally, it's showing signs of wear and tear: the white cabinet paint has started to chip;  the walnut floor in front of the fridge is warn; and hardware is broken. In a nut shell, time for some repair.

They say timing is everything.   Initially, I considered ways to slightly update the kitchen by repainting the cabinets and updating the counter top granite color.  Well, then a major wrench was thrown into my personal life (divorce) and I decided no better time than the present to remodel the whole damn thing.  Nothing like a complete remodel to create a fresh start and cleanse the soul.

Over the next several weeks, I'm going to take you on the journey of my kitchen remodel.  To start, this is the current kitchen: White cabinets, black granite counter tops, white marble on the island with walnut base and stainless steel appliances.  Upon the surface, it still appears to be in good condition, but with a closer look, aspects are starting to go.

Vivid Hue Home | Heather Grahling Kitchen 
Vivid Hue Home | Heather Grahling Kitchen 

I have a nice open floor plan and the kitchen overlooks our every day eating space and the family room.

Photo shoot by Gridley & Graves of Heather Grahling Kitchen 
Several years ago, photographers from Gridley & Graves came to photo shoot all of the rooms in my house for the potential inclusion in a shelter magazine.  The process of getting published is timely and not guaranteed and, after several years "on the verge" of being featured, the shelter magazine they were pitching became defunct.   I held out for quite some time with the idea that the photos would be used elsewhere.   That was maybe five years ago now.  I've given up hope.  But it was a fun process to watch and it's amazing to see how they can stage and transform a space. 

Vivid Hue Home Photo Shoot by Gridley & Graves
I have upgraded the chairs around my kitchen table now, too...The end chairs are high backed King's Grant Chairs by Taylor Burke Home with Zebra Hyde.  The side chairs are black knobbed wooden chairs with muslin covering.  

Vivid Hue Home Kitchen 

But, back to the renovation plans.  In the next few weeks I'll take you along my process for selecting new appliances, cabinetry, lighting, bar stools, back splash and more!  The actual demolition has not started (it begins In the next week) so I will be showing you photos as the work is happening!  

Next, I'll show you the new floor plan I decided upon to give me a bit more open space and remove some elements that I've never been crazy about (yes, we are moving appliances and demo'ing closets, etc).  Stay tuned!  And In the meantime, follow Vivid Hue Home on instagram for daily updates and behind the scenes sneak peeks!  

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