Thursday, June 3, 2021

Kitchen Remodel: Details before Finished

This post originally launched on July 17, 2019.  Due to some backend changes to our blog, we are relaunching here

We are now 7.5 weeks into the kitchen renovation project and the details and layers have started getting installed.   This is the fun part where the vision starts to really come together. 

This week there were some monumental updates that were added to the kitchen; the hardware, countertops and lighting!  

The white quart countertops went In around the perimeter of the kitchen.  If you recall, there was black granite there previously so this makes for a much brighter work space.  

The brass gold hardware was installed onto all of the cabinets and drawers.  

Even our faucet is brass gold (Newport Brass Faucets).  

The most exciting development for me personally was the unveiling of the solid walnut block for the island.  It's double the standard width so it will make even more of an impact.  And it looks fabulous on top of the navy island!

You will recall, below is the original kitchen. 

The entire pantry closet was removed and a hutch cabinet was built with more of a presence. 
Here is BEFORE:

And now after, In progress:

Lastly, the pendant lights were hung In brass gold, the blossom pendant from Worlds Away.  I think they are unique and also tie In well with the other elements of the kitchen. 

 Additional details will be layered into the kitchen as the week goes on.  Next week, the backsplash is scheduled.  Also, the counter stools have been ordered!  Stay tuned for a sneak peek on those. 



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