Thursday, June 3, 2021

Kitchen Renovation: Stools

 This post originally launched on June, 2019.  Due to some backend changes to our blog, we are relaunching here.  

I've taken you on the planning steps of the kitchen renovation so you should understand my thought process that lead to my design selections. 

To recap:
Let's Redo!   |   Renovation Goals  |  Renovation Selections  | 

The demolition started this week and I hope to have progress photos to show you soon (for sneak peeks, continue to follow my instagram stories for up to the minute photos). 

I've tried to design a kitchen that will be classy and yet also push some boundaries.  I decided long ago that I am not going "tame down" my style so that my house will resell In the future.  I've got wallpaper on ceilings and In the mudroom and bright colors on the sunroom walls. 

With that said, the elements that will be permanent fixtures In the kitchen are pretty toned-down.  For example, urban gray cabinets, white counters, navy island and white back splash.  I think there is room for me to introduce a nice dose of color In a way that won't make a permanent impression.  And that, my friends, is through the bar stools that will reside at my navy island.  Let's use this photo as inspiration as my island base will be navy, hardware will be brushed gold and the counter tops will be walnut. 

Photo Courtesy of @michelemorganinteriors

Here are some of the bar stool styles and colors that I've been considering for my island.  I have decided that I am going to wait until more of the kitchen has been constructed before making my final selection.  There are elements to each of these that I can appreciate but there are also cons. 
I absolutely love this World's Away orange crushed velvet chair with gold accents.  Imagine this orange against the dark navy island.  The hardware In the kitchen will be brushed gold and these chairs would offer a strong pop of color.  I like the high backs so that guests will have support when sitting In the chairs for a visit.  However, they're not actually very practical at all.  I envision my daughter, Smidge, having a bowl of oatmeal In this chair and crushing wet oats into the upholstery.  Also, the sides of the chair may feel constricting.  And will the gold retain fingerprints?  
The below is an alternate version of the chair with a round back, less upholstery and dark gray tones that would accent well with the cabinets.  

This Pangea Dexter Bar Stool is dark gray and I would still have the concern for the upholstery.  But the design is more simple.  Still, a high backed chair but with no constricting sides and the stools would push into the island nicely.  Hmmm...I still keep going back to the pop of orange though.  

My logical side says avoid velvet of any sort on a kitchen breakfast island when I still have smallish children (ages 11 and 12) that will belly up to the counter and get In all sorts of trouble.  I like this grass cloth linen colored stool for it's classic design, terrific color, caned backing and subtle gold accents.  The cushion seems forgiving and there are no sides to clunk down the design.  This may be a real contender (Now if I can only recall the vendor).  
And lastly, there is this fabulous rattan gray chair from Serena In Lily.  Great bistro design.  Durable with kids.  It's by far the most practical bar stool.  And that's where my hesitation resides.  This may be too "safe" for me.  It doesn't push the design limit enough, and that's what I do.  Particularly In my own home when I am my own client and I can be as risque design-wise as I'd like  

I'm still on the hunt and I won't make my final decision until further along In the kitchen construction so that I can better envision how each chair will line up along the island.  

Do you have a favorite out of these selection?  Do you have another stool that I should absolutely consider?  Please share with me!  I am open for suggestions.  

Up next, the week In review.  


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