Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Domino Special Edition

The return of a long lost friend! We've missed you so!
Just announed, Domino Quick Fixes, a Domino special edition will hit newstands nationwide on April 17th.
Dreams really DO come true!
I am still in mourning over the end of this fabulous magazine in 2009---years after it's devastating departure.
I have every single issue of the magazine and still leaf through old editions--revisiting the turned down pages that have been bookmarked with good ideas. I discovered Jonathan Adler, Mary Mcdonald, Katie Ridder, Bunny Williams...this was my design education. My passion. My love.
For years, I tried to keep the dream alive. I spent every other third Thursday of every other month honoring our fallen hero. I'd buy a lucite chair, wallpaper a room in navy lacquer, mold clay into an Adler-esque pottery pot. Anything to keep the dream alive.
Lonny tried. Lonny left.
But now Domino is back! The special edition is a start! I'll take it. I've marked my calendar! And I'll be the first at the newsstand on April 17th!


Anonymous said...

this is the best news ever!

Anonymous said...

you don't know how much this just made my day!

Anonymous said...

i have every issue of domino mag too! can't believe they ever stopped making it

Anonymous said...

wow, i hadn't heard this yet. YAH!! maybe they will make other editions too

Smooch said...

I saw this and was SO excited.

C.A. @ How To Be A Heroine said...

I think we are design soul mates! I am so excited for the new issue!!!!!!!