Thursday, February 2, 2012

Foo Dog Fervor

You know if Foo Dogs are showing up on the isles of Target that the world has developed a "fervor for foo"! 

These little 'ugly guys' have long been a design accessory of our most beloved designers.  From Mary McDonald to Jonathan Adler, foo dogs add a touch of Asian charm to a modern design and I think they're super fun.  



 Barbara Cosgrove Foo Lamps provide the perfect balance to a whimsical office space. 

Barbara Cosgrove

Mary McDonald

Once you keep your eyes open for the foo, you'll notice them popping up everywhere.   And who knew these puppies could have such a varying price tag.  I've seen them on One King's Lane for over $1,000 but found a few more affordable solutions below.   

Antique Lion Statues as Bookends at $675
(bare with me, the affordable are coming up)

Z Gallerie $39.95 $100

Add a twist to the foo dog concept and you have Jonathan Adler's "Barbie" Foo

Barbara Cosgrove
Dog Sitting $563

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Anonymous said...

barbara cosgrove has the coolest lamps!

Smooch said...

I love anything animal.

I've been into pheasants. I want brass or silver ones.

Hartford Area Designer (want to withold my name please) said...

You're right! these are everywhere. I noticed a few in the JLH Showhouse in Hartford, CT this year! Good eye. Keep up the good work on the blog.