Thursday, August 9, 2012

Earth at Hidden Pond

Hidden Pond is probably the best kept secret in the Kennebunkport area.  It's a unique luxury spa resort that feels like a serene adult getaway.  It's equipped with individually styled cottages, a tree house spa, an adults only serenity pool, nightly bonfire and more.  My family discovered this spot as we visited Earth at Hidden Pond.  Earth is the "farm to fork" restaurant that opened last summer and it is truly heaven on Earth. 

There are a handful of outdoor tables that overlook the pond.  They're set up like make shift tee pees with Moroccan style lamps that hang over top. 

via Hidden Pond

The fresh vegetables and greens grow right on the premises.  The surroundings are rustic yet serene. 

This is the potting shed, available for seating a party for dinner as well.  No details have been spared. 

Via Tides Country Club

I normally don't photograph the food I eat but in this case, it was almost like art work!  The chef, Ken Oringer, is an award winning Boston chef and James Beard Award-winner.  He collaborated with the Hidden Pond resort to open Earth. 

We had pickled vegetables and blue tortilla chips with blue cheese dip as our starters.  Yum!  We brought our kids for an early reservation and there were other tables with kids there.  As the night gets later, I have a feeling this turns back into an unspoken adult-only surrounding.  They offer a nightly bonfire with smores and trolley rides back to the cottages for its guests. 

The inside was super-styled with white delicate lights and round carvings of wood to create the wall paneling.  I didn't want to leave! 

The spot by the fire would be perfect on a cool night.  The restaurant is very open to the outside with screened in windows.  There's little distinction between the beautiful outside and the indoor restaurant.  It's fabulous. 

via Tides Country Club
via Down East

Earth is off the beaten path from downtown Kennebunk.  It took us about fifteen to twenty minutes to reach the Hidden Pond resort.  It's tucked away in the forest and it's easy to think you've made a wrong turn when suddenly you embark on sheer beauty.  This is a must-see on your next visit to the Kennebunk area.  I predict Earth will only grow in popularity so get to it now when it's still untouched! 

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Unknown said...

Heather I love these tours of Kennebunkport youre giving us! I have never been to any New England State and this is a joy to read. Thanks, and make my reservation at Earth, please.

Kim said...

Earth is on our List! Thank you for the beautiful photos ... I had no idea it was more than a restaurant!!