Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Sun in My Belly, Atlanta


Vessels by Julie Vaughn

Sun In My Belly is in the middle of the artsy Kirkwood neighborhood in Northeast Atlanta.  As soon as you step foot into this cafe/restaurant it's as if you've stepped into a European cafe.  No detail is overlooked in the design of the tablescapes or in the artestry of the food.  One you arrive, you will never want to leave.  It's worth the trip. 
Alison Leuker is the Executive Chef behind Sun In My Belly.  She founded Sun in My Belly in 1996 with the intention to create visually driven food.  In 1998, she partnerned with Max LeBlanc, who brought a business operation and management aspect to the business.  Since then, the two have taken the company to an entirely new level.  They have put many hours of dedication into their restaurant and catering business.  They now provide catering for weddings, businesses and personal functions throughout the Atlanta area and beyond.  Plus, you can tell by looking at their photos that they bring a true design element to their work. 

 They host special events at their restaurant location.  They boast a super popular weekend brunch crowd.  And recently, they have extended their services to include dinner too.  Theoretically, you could show up for breakfast with your laptop and never leave the entire day, ha!  But seriously, visit their website here for more information about the neighborhood cafe, catering or special events. 
I must confess, I know Max through my sister, Kurby.  He is such a stand up guy.  Just a perfect Southern gentleman.  Here he is with Will (left).  I mean, seriously, love them. 
Will and Max are great friends of Kurby's and have been for years.  They have a killer cabin in the Blue Ridge mountains  (the decor is to DIE for, but that's another post...and plus I haven't gotten my hands on those photos--yet!)
I threw Kurby's baby shower at Sun in My Belly several years ago and it was more than I could have ask for.  Their hospitality feels as if you're at your best friends house.  The decor is uber stylish.  There is a simplistic chicness to the surroundings.  It's the attention to detail that adds the topping on the cake, no pun intended.  The little details make the difference--the vintage stripe paper straws set next to the lemonade pitcher that is delicately laced with fresh mint from the garden.  Or the mason jar full of fresh daisies that accompany the breakfast brunch of farm eggs and home made bread. 

If you are in the Atlanta or surrounding area, this is a must! 
Visit their website here or facebook here

You will not be disappointed! 

{photos courtesy of Sun In My Belly and Max LeBlanc}

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Patty Day @Pattys Epiphanies said...

MC and I will surely add this one to our must list. Thanks for letting us know about it.

Kurby said...

Great post! I am craving some of their french toast now.

Unknown said...

Oh this looks heavenly! What a great place.
Wish I lived nearer.

Heather Moore Grahling | Vivid Hue Home said...

@patty, you and MC will NOT be disappointed! Great little brunch spot!

@Nancy--I know! I love going there when I visit my sister!

@ Kurby--holla!

Lil' Momma said...

Love Will and Max, too, and food at Sun In My Belly is delicious. Great spot to visit when in Hotlanta.

Wendy said...

This looks like a fabulous place, thanks for sharing. And, thanks for your sweet comment about my new adventure... exciting time for me.

Taylor Greenwalt said...

Looks like a great place. Thanks for sharing

The Governors Daughter said...

this place is so happy!