Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Spaces | Kennebunkport, ME

My dream shop is Spaces | Kennebunkport.  It's where I first discovered John Robshaw bedding.  Every time I visit, I linger in each section of the small store so I can absorb all of the decor accessories.  I pick each item up a hundred times (in my head) and envision where I'd put it in my home.  It's the exact type of shop I would love to open one day (and at the beach no less). 

(via Spaces | Kennebunkport)
 The John Robshaw bedding is usually an entire half of the store.  I want to sink away into the bedding.  The prints are so colorful and crisp.  I never grow tired of taking in all of the details of the designs.  It's like visiting an art gallery for me.   (Remember ABC Carpet?)
(Via Spaces | Kennebunkport)

Via Spaces | Kennebunkport

Spaces has samples of Madeline Weinrib textiles and pillows galore  and I oogle over the ones I would select if I were re-doing a bedroom. 

Via Pawley's Island Posh ,  Thanks Julia!

via Spaces | Kennebunkport
 Love these gurgling fish pitchers.  I almost bought one but then decided that I really like them best when they are all together because they look like art.   I also fell in love with this Jamie Young Hide Mirror.  It's hard to tell from this photo but the mirror perimeter is covered in white faux animal fur.  It's super cool.  But a tad pricey at $700 and I couldn't think of a place to hang this baby in my house, so it stayed at Spaces

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I could really get used to this beach blogging gig...Nothing like sitting outside feeling the beach breeze for inspiration.   (And mama, glad to see you've finally gotten your act together and you're checking this blog daily!  Bout damn time, lady!) 

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Reagan Geschardt said...

Oh gosh I want to go there even if just for that store! Love it.

Anonymous said...

Love it- but you aren't allowed to open a store without me :)

Anonymous said...

If you and Brett open a store, will I get a nice discount?
Love you,