Tuesday, August 7, 2012

The White Barn Inn, Kennebunk

Courtesy White Barn Inn

Eating at The White Barn Inn is a special treat on our visit to Kennebunk.  We are lucky to have found two sisters that babysit for us each summer during our vacation here.  Every year, we call the girls and arrange for a night or two out without the kids.  Last night, EG and I had dinner at the White Barn Inn.   It's worth the splurge if you're in the area.  The restaurant is the recipient of the prestigious AAA Five-Diamond Award for the 11th consecutive year, the only restaurant in Maine and one of only three restaurants in New England to earn this distinction.   The service is impeccable.  The staff is attentive without being stuffy . The food is delicious. 

 Here we are at dinner.  We didn't want to ask for our picture together so we each took turns snapping iphone photos of each other. 

We had Hall Cabernet Sauvignon named, "Jack's Masterpiece."  We selected it because our son's name is Jack...and we love Hall...and it was very tasty.  I was quite impressed by the marketing on the cork with the phone number and website for the vineyard.  I don't believe I've seen this before but it's genius!   

The details around the restaurant are consistent with New England. The structure of the restaurant is very barn-like.  Paintings on the walls are scenes of the Kennebunk beaches.  And I have always loved the brass adornments on the tables. Every table has a different animal (from crabs to lobsters to birds).  My favorite is the Crane. 

Courtesy www.scallopshell.net

It's been a beautiful week for weather.  Yesterday I was able to hit a few antique stores and I scored a brass lobster for our study and some bleached antlers for our coffee table.  Photos to follow!  Today I hope to skip out for more antique shops while the kids play on the beach!

I've got some awesome home stores to talk about later this week!  

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Anonymous said...

looks like a great dinner. and love the pictures of you too. keep the posts coming. how are the lobster rolls.

StagerLinda said...

Wow! Awesome restaurant-beautiful. Enjoy your vacation. (Ask someone to take a picture of the beautiful couple.)

Anonymous said...

That restaurant looks awesome, Heather, and am glad you and Eric are able to find sitters and get out for a nice dinner. I love the brass crane on the table, too.
Love you,