Monday, August 6, 2012

H.B. Provisions

As most* of y'all know, I'm in Kennebunk this week for our family vacation

One of our daily stomping grounds while at Kennebunk is H.B. Provisions.  It's a one stop general store type of place.  You can find anything and everything there from morning coffee to wine and cheese to gum balls to beach umbrellas.   It's an eclectic mix of products with a local "home" type feeling. 

The building structure is from 1885 but was purchased and restored in 2002 by two women named Helen and Bonnie (thus the name "H.B." Provisions).  They created a place where locals could gather daily for coffee and where vacationers could feel welcome as well.   I love the character of the place (see the sign, "Did I ask to hear your life story?")

The back wall is filled with framed pictures of Helen and Bonnie posing with a myriad of guests that have visited the store.  Many of the photos are of G.W. and the Bush family.  In 2007, Helen relinquished her part ownership in the store and Bonnie is now the sole owner.  She is often at the store during breakfast hour and personally greets her customers with a warm smile. 

H.B. Provisions is such a staple in the lower Village of Kennebunkport.  Definitely worth a visit to peruse through the isles.  You'll never know what you'll find or whom you'll find along the isles.  I found these two little rascals in the booths.  

We're enjoying our time here.  We've already made a quick stop at Wally World for more beach supplies-chairs, umbrellas.  

 * An update for those that have been following my quest to see if my mama is actually reading this blog.  It all started here when I told her to relay the code word "Pumper Nickle Pickle" if she was reading the blog.  I even helped her out and posted the link on her face book page leading directly to the post.  She took the bait, read the blog and gave me the code word.  Hooray!  Now, flash forward to the day we were leaving for our vacation to Kennebunk.  My blog post for that day was entitled "Kennebunk Bound."   I was talking to my mom in the car driving to vacation when she asked, "oh hey, I happened to get an "out of office" reply from your email saying you're not going to be in the office next week...where ya gonna be ?"  Aye yay yay, woman! 

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Elizabeth @ The Little Black Door said...

Your mom cracks me up. At least she finally reported the code word! :)

Liz said...

We love HB Provisions. It is a classic lunch stop on the way to the beach. It is supposed to be a sunny week here - hope you have a blast!

The Pink Pagoda said...

If there's anything I want my mother to see on my blog, I have to email a link to her. The blog world is just out of her comfort zone! I hope you have a great time in Maine!